Here are some interesting bank accounts

Not always do you get the best service from the bank where you have been a customer for years. Banks generally try to gain new customers with discounts, and they do not value customer loyalty as much as we might think.

This way, less knowledgeable customers can be stuck for many years in an old account package where current bank accounts can be used at significantly lower costs.

We’ll show you what to look out for when choosing a bank account


Finding the best deal out of the many offers for you is not complicated by using a comparative calculator . Here we set up our own bank account usage patterns and see the results that are most relevant to you.

It is important to specify the amount due to your account, as for a large portion of your account packages you will be required to regularly credit a certain amount.

You can set up your monthly transfers

You can set up your monthly transfers

In the calculator, you can set up your monthly transfers, number of items, and value, and the more accurately you set the values, the more accurate the calculation of your expected annual costs will be. It is important to know that the cheapest way to process our transfers is through E-bank , and branch or telebank administration is always more expensive. Because we are the administrators of transfers made through E-bank, we save the bank a fee and the bank charges a lower fee. For many account packages, we can see discounts, whether promotional or permanent, for which net bank transfers are free of charge.

Mobile notifications of account movements are usually for 20-30 HUF per sms, but there are several banks where we can get a notification of our credit card spending or money transfer in our account free of charge through a smartphone application. Choosing a credit card can save you a few thousand forints if you are satisfied with using a non-embossed card.

Now let’s see some more interesting account packages where banks offer something unique to their customers.

Discounts on terms

Discounts on terms

An interesting feature of Good smart plus account packages is that the amount of your savings at the bank can lower the monthly fee for your account packages. Smart plus account packages are available under the name minimum plus, extended plus, and convenience plus. All fees payable are based on how many of the terms are met.


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