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Payday advance online bad credit: high approval rates

You have bad credit and want to fill out the application online. For this purpose, a payday advance online bad credit from https://greendayonline.com/ is the right choice. Borrow a credit today.

You can secure your desired loan online with one click because you can also set up a $ 150 online loan in no time! Take this great opportunity and make sure the matching person arrives in your account today! The right loan is quickly tracked down on the net so that you can get your financial situation under control quickly and easily.

This also applies if you want to add a $ 300 loan to your account immediately. On the online loan market, you will find many great credits that you can use at any time. So take your time and decide which loan offer best suits your financial situation. Sit down and see what amount you need, what prices you can afford, and what time period you can say for sure.

Because the better prepared you are, the easier it should be to get the right loan. For example, use the practical credit calculator that is offered online and try out the loan amount, term and installment amount until the relevant credit conditions have been determined and you can quickly apply for an online loan of $ 150!

Your choice of different loans

With the wide choice of different loans, you can easily miss the view. In order not to do this and to always keep an eye on all of your funds, you should use the great tools online. This really makes it a lot easier for you to find and apply for a loan. For example, you can use the loan comparison websites to compare all loans that match your financial situation.

This saves you time and hassle when looking for credit and you will quickly find the right loan offer. Get the loan that best suits your financial situation in no time and submit it online with a few clicks of the mouse. Through the online loan market, you can have your desired balance in your account at any time.

With an online loan, you can quickly submit $ 150! Do yourself a service and apply for the corresponding loan, even if you cannot provide perfect Credit Bureau information. Ask for a loan without Credit Bureau, for example, such a credit can be found quickly and ends up in your account just as quickly.

This way you can avoid Credit Bureau’s creditworthiness unhindered and relaxed and keep your financial situation under control. Do yourself a service and make sure that you get exactly the right loan on your account because this is the only way you can take good care of every opportunity. Simply take the necessary initiative and make sure that the right loan arrives in your account immediately.

This means you always have an eye on your financial situation, for example by quickly applying for $ 150 with an online loan. Contact the network today and secure your desired credit online!

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Can you get a loan without work at all? /can-you-get-a-loan-without-work-at-all/ /can-you-get-a-loan-without-work-at-all/#respond Tue, 28 Jan 2020 11:33:12 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/can-you-get-a-loan-without-work-at-all/ Continue reading Can you get a loan without work at all?]]>



Anyone who is unemployed or currently looking for a job not only lacks a job, but also money. The easiest way to get money quickly is by means of a loan. But do you get a loan without work at all?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, because: Those who have no work do not have a fixed income – and every reputable bank requires this as a solid basis in addition to other requirements. From the banks’ point of view, the reason is quite simple and can be seen in the way the banks operate, whether at a German bank or a bank abroad.


If you do not pay a loan or have regular repayments and arrears

If you do not pay a loan or have regular repayments and arrears

The bank will terminate the loan and then try to pledge the loan amount. In this case, the easiest and cheapest option for the bank is garnishment – only: If there is no salary that can be seized, it is difficult. And unemployment benefit and unemployment benefit II is rarely attachable, since unemployment benefit II and often unemployment benefit I are below the garnishment-free limit.

Amounts below the garnishment exemption limit can therefore also not be seized – so that in the event of an emergency, the bank has no guarantees that it will get the borrowed money back in any way and never see it again. From the bank’s point of view, this is of course the worst possible scenario.


Banks from abroad that grant loans in Germany

Banks from abroad that grant loans in Germany

Often advertised with advertising names such as “Credit with Credit Bureau” link a fixed income to the granting of these loans, because here too one would first seize wages in the event of a default therefore also require this as security. The remark “Credit Bureau free” is purely an advertising trick – because Credit Bureau does not exist abroad, so it is not queried.

However, loans from abroad are granted to Germans as well as to customers who live in the bank’s home country: You have to provide proof of a fixed income, which must be sufficient. Otherwise you cannot get a loan.

There is only one form of credit without work: Under certain circumstances (hardship), the employment office can make part of the payments as an advance. Although this has the character of an interest-free loan, it is only partially. Because these are rarely large sums, but only small amounts to cover the most necessary general costs (eg for tickets or food).

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4 things that happen if you don’t pay your personal loan /4-things-that-happen-if-you-dont-pay-your-personal-loan/ /4-things-that-happen-if-you-dont-pay-your-personal-loan/#respond Fri, 03 Jan 2020 11:12:12 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/4-things-that-happen-if-you-dont-pay-your-personal-loan/ Continue reading 4 things that happen if you don’t pay your personal loan]]>

Hiring a loan requires acting with caution, both to hire and to the next. Even following all the recommendations, you may be caught by surprise and end up delaying the payment of the installments. What happens in these cases? Some inconveniences can knock on the door! Having a dirty name and having a harder time getting another loan are just some of them.

Here’s what you can visit if you don’t pay your personal loan:

Your name will be negated

Your name will be negated

As already said, the persistent delay in paying a debt will negate its name in credit bureaus. In general, financial institutions usually send reports to the user before going into denial, offering a chance to reverse this situation. So, if you received this notice, try to negotiate with the lender.

 It is more difficult to get another loan

 It is more difficult to get another loan

The chances of getting a loan decrease when your name is negative. For most financial institutions, this type of customer is not even considered for a credit offer. Other companies act specifically in offering credit to people with a dirty name, but charge stratospheric interest rates and that will hardly help to solve your financial life – they will probably only make you curl up even more.

The debt can become unpayable

The debt can become unpayable

Those who delay the payment of a loan can create a debt that is very expensive to repay – and even impossible. This is because the interest on the arrears begins to cascade on the interest on the loan itself and, in a short time, the arrears increase to very high figures.

Collection companies following you

Collection companies following you

It is common for financial institutions to outsource collection to offices specializing in dealing with defaulting clients. Despite the inconvenience of receiving calls, it can be an alternative to asking for a debt discount and clearing the name. The chances of getting a debt relief are good.

So, before taking out a personal loan, it is very important that you have financial planning, after all, no one deserves to pay very high fees or keep a dirty name, right?

If you can’t repay your loan, you will get a default notice warning you that if it happens again you could be referred to a collection agency or taken to court. There are some steps you can take to avoid defaulting on a loan, such as taking out a debt consolidation loan, or arranging a repayment holiday.

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What would you change about law on payday loans? /what-would-you-change-about-law-on-payday-loans/ /what-would-you-change-about-law-on-payday-loans/#respond Thu, 02 Jan 2020 11:34:18 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/what-would-you-change-about-law-on-payday-loans/ Continue reading What would you change about law on payday loans?]]>

From a consumer point of view, are there still any needs for legal changes to better regulate loan issues? is what is currently enough and you would not mix anything in this boiler?

I am not an expert, but it seems to me that this industry is already regulated so much that it seems to me that further regulations are unnecessary.

Real interest rate

Real interest rate

The most important issue, i.e. the maximum real interest rate on the loan, has already been introduced. Another issue is secondary and not as problematic as usury loans that were once.

Now it works really well – I don’t think I would change anything. From the point of view of money lending companies, the biggest problem is people who fail to meet their obligations.

Therefore, the collection procedure should certainly be improved. I am referring to the court and bailiff apparatus because it is often the case that the bailiff does not even give up his task and assumes that there is nothing to waste time because nothing will be found. I would do some register in which information would be given how many loans.

I would make a maximum loan limit of 2 so that people do not take out loans in more companies, and do not fall into a debt loop, which is associated with the need to declare consumer bankruptcy and all those unpleasant things connected with it.

Introduce a debt limit

Introduce a debt limit

It might be unpopular, but I would introduce a debt limit on quick loans up to USD 20,000 per person max. Because of such 20 thousand USD, you can quickly make 40 or 50 thousand USD.

Declare consumer bankruptcy


It is important that these are not amounts that are too large and the person who incurred them will simply have problems with repayment, they will have to declare consumer bankruptcy, which is not always possible, As a person who thinks that the state should not interfere too much with the market – I believe that nothing should be done.

The invisible hand of the market will defend itself. The highest state should act as an arbiter. So pass judgments and help you enforce those judgments efficiently.

As ordinary consumers, we do not really have an insight into who is in debt, whether there are any problems with repayment – we do not have access to all these reports, statistics, etc. on the basis of which we could form opinions on this subject.

And since we don’t have all this, it’s difficult to know if any changes are needed, because maybe no changes are necessary? 

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Best Online Loans 2020 for Lite Agency /best-online-loans-2020-for-lite-agency/ /best-online-loans-2020-for-lite-agency/#respond Thu, 19 Dec 2019 11:54:19 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/best-online-loans-2020-for-lite-agency/ Continue reading Best Online Loans 2020 for Lite Agency]]>

The loans for Lite Agency are solutions are designed specifically for those who work in the glorious weapon. These are usually very convenient solutions from the point of view of the interest rates applied, thanks to the agreements usually entered into between the financial companies and the State, which therefore allow the Lite Agency to have loans at more facilitated conditions than other loans solutions.

Best Loans for Lite Agency


All Lite Agency can take out government agency loans, the former social security institution for civil servants which is now managed by INPS. This is an unimportant change for the employees of the Arma, who do not see in any way their advantages in applying for loan agreements for Lite Agency.

Ready Loans

There are various financial companies and banks that grant loans for Lite Agency, even online.

Pronto Prestiti specializes, among other things, in providing loans to employees of all law enforcement agencies, including the Lite Agency.

After applying for these online loans, usually within an hour, you will receive a call from the financial company’s customer service, which will tell you how you can move to get the money you need.

You can, if you wish, make an appointment to sign the loan request and deliver the necessary documents.

To speed up the obtaining of the money, a deposit is usually granted on the total amount of this personal loan, usually equal to 80% of the same.

In order to apply for these Lite Agency loans

In order to apply for these carabinieri loans

all you have to do is present your last paycheck, a copy of your service status and an identity document.

On Good Credit, you can get information on this type of financing, with the possibility of applying. The amount that can be borrowed soon reaches up to 60,000 dollars and the repayment term can go up to 120 months (1st years).

An example of installment calculation is made with a loan of 50,000 dollars to be repaid in 120 months by paying 635 dollars per month, or a loan for Lite Agency of 10,000 dollars to be repaid in 60 months by paying a fixed installment of 175 dollars.

Good Finance of the Good Lender’s Group

Good Finance, part of the Good Lender’s Group, proposes to all Lite Agency the ” Genuine Credit “, a convenient financing agreement with an agreement with the General Command of the Lite Agency. The conditions are very advantageous, in fact, there is talk of an interest rate of 7.99%.

There are three types of Good Finance loans for Lite Agency :

  • small loans, up to 5,000 dollars, with TAN 6.90% and APR 7.62%
  • assignment of a fifth of the salary, up to 30,000 dollars, with TAN 6.53% and APR 7.48%
  • proxy loans, with TAN 6.53% and APR 7.80%

Online loans for Lite Agency: the advantages

Online loans for carabinieri: the advantages

The main advantage of loans for Lite Agency is linked to the interest rate and the ancillary conditions of the loan. Since these are practically loans to civil servants, the economic conditions are inherently very advantageous, more than loans for private employees or loans for self-employed persons.

If we add to this discussion also the one – seen at the beginning – of the agreements signed between the State and financial companies, it is well known how the loans for Lite Agency are absolutely even more advantageous.

Other advantages are:

  • installments always fixed for the entire duration of the loan
  • fast repayment by deducting the installment from the net salary
  • unique signature
  • possibility of renegotiation of conditions
  • even for bad payers or protests
  • security insurance coverage of the applicant and the lender

The single signature

One of the main characteristics of the loans for Lite Agency is the possibility of applying for a single signature, which guarantees the possibility of applying for the loan without having to present any additional guarantee (no guarantee, therefore).

Bad pay and protested Lite Agency loans

Bad pay and protested carabinieri loans

All those who have had financial problems in the past and today are registered in the register of bad payers or protesters can still apply without problems for loans in agreement for the Lite Agency. This possibility greatly expands the convenience of this loan and the number of potential employees of the Weapon who can apply for it.

Loans for retired Lite Agency

The retired Lite Agency can continue to apply for personal loans until he reaches 75 years of age. It is, as in most loans for pensioners, very affordable financing solutions, with interest rates among the most convenient on the market.

Depending on the cases and the financial companies you are contacting, it may be possible to imagine financing up to 80 or 90 years, but in this case, the rates could be higher to cover the greater risk for the financial sector.

Loan insurance

Additional security that is applied, by law, to all loans for the Lite Agency, is the presence of insurance solutions that provide security against any problem or unexpected.

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When should you not borrow money? /when-should-you-not-borrow-money/ /when-should-you-not-borrow-money/#respond Wed, 20 Nov 2019 23:00:09 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/when-should-you-not-borrow-money/ Continue reading When should you not borrow money?]]>

In our lives there are many situations in which we find ourselves with a lack of money. In these situations of insufficient liquidity, many people usually borrow money, be it a quick loan or a consumer credit. This type of financing can be of great financial help, however, keep in mind that borrowing is not always a more appropriate solution to solve your economic problems. In general, the most important thing before borrowing money is to assess whether you have the ability to face the debt. In this article we will tell you some of the reasons why you should not ask for a fast loan or credit.


You are not sure what exactly and how much money you need

You are not sure what exactly and how much money you need

It is essential that you ask for only the money you need. If not, you can incur a larger debt without need and that is never a right decision. You must ask for the money strictly necessary to cover the situation of temporary economic deficiency. Before applying for a loan, you should know exactly: what you are asking for, how much money you need and when you need it. If you are not clear about these three premises before borrowing money, there is a risk that you will lose that money in other things before the time of payment arrives.


You do not have stable income

You do not have stable income

When you do not have stable income or anticipated future income that will allow you to be sure of paying the loan granted within the established term, this is a crucial problem. Sometimes everyone can face unforeseen expenses. However, if you have problems paying your bills every month and your monthly expenses exceed your income, you suffer from a permanent financial insolvency. In this case, applying for a loan will only bring you much more trouble. If you do not have enough income to cover your monthly expenses, how could you cancel your loan with all interests? Without paying the loan on time, the penalty for delay and other commissions will leave you losing even more money.

The return must always be a priority. When you ask for a loan, paying the installments of the loan granted to best cancel the debt with the lender has to be your priority.


You have no money for periodic expenses

You have no money for periodic expenses

Continued expenses, such as a house rental or a mortgage, expand over time. Using borrowed money to pay for these types of expenses is not the most optimal solution. Especially fast loans and credits should be used as much as possible for all types of specific and unforeseen expenses that do not get too long.


You need money to pay your debts

You need money to pay your debts

You may have debts that you need to pay quickly. Borrowing money to solve this type of problem is only temporary but not definitive, since you get another debt at the same time. Using loans and credits to pay off other debts can lead to a spiral of indebtedness. Excluding special debt consolidation loans, borrowing money to pay off other debts mainly leads to even more serious indebtedness.


You want to make a risky investment

You want to make a risky investment

As we have already mentioned, loans should be requested when you are certain that you will be able to pay the repayment fees. Asking for a loan or credit to make high-risk investments is not a good option. These investments carry a great risk and it is likely that everything is not going well. If, in addition, what you are trying to do is pay the installments of your credit with what you earn thanks to the investment, you can get to a serious solvency problem at the time of the return.

When you have all these situations controlled, the option of requesting a loan or credit can be very effective and provide you with the ideal solution and the perfect help in some specific cases.

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Here are some interesting bank accounts /here-are-some-interesting-bank-accounts/ /here-are-some-interesting-bank-accounts/#respond Thu, 26 Sep 2019 20:50:42 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/here-are-some-interesting-bank-accounts/ Continue reading Here are some interesting bank accounts]]>

Not always do you get the best service from the bank where you have been a customer for years. Banks generally try to gain new customers with discounts, and they do not value customer loyalty as much as we might think.

This way, less knowledgeable customers can be stuck for many years in an old account package where current bank accounts can be used at significantly lower costs.

We’ll show you what to look out for when choosing a bank account


Finding the best deal out of the many offers for you is not complicated by using a comparative calculator . Here we set up our own bank account usage patterns and see the results that are most relevant to you.

It is important to specify the amount due to your account, as for a large portion of your account packages you will be required to regularly credit a certain amount.

You can set up your monthly transfers

You can set up your monthly transfers

In the calculator, you can set up your monthly transfers, number of items, and value, and the more accurately you set the values, the more accurate the calculation of your expected annual costs will be. It is important to know that the cheapest way to process our transfers is through E-bank , and branch or telebank administration is always more expensive. Because we are the administrators of transfers made through E-bank, we save the bank a fee and the bank charges a lower fee. For many account packages, we can see discounts, whether promotional or permanent, for which net bank transfers are free of charge.

Mobile notifications of account movements are usually for 20-30 HUF per sms, but there are several banks where we can get a notification of our credit card spending or money transfer in our account free of charge through a smartphone application. Choosing a credit card can save you a few thousand forints if you are satisfied with using a non-embossed card.

Now let’s see some more interesting account packages where banks offer something unique to their customers.

Discounts on terms

Discounts on terms

An interesting feature of Good smart plus account packages is that the amount of your savings at the bank can lower the monthly fee for your account packages. Smart plus account packages are available under the name minimum plus, extended plus, and convenience plus. All fees payable are based on how many of the terms are met.

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$ 22 million in new investments /22-million-in-new-investments/ /22-million-in-new-investments/#respond Fri, 21 Jun 2019 12:15:52 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/22-million-in-new-investments/ Continue reading $ 22 million in new investments]]> money

Good Finance, the first free and automatic personal finance management application in Brazil, captured its third round of investments worth R $ 22 million. The information was published this Thursday (August 20) in the newspaper Valor Econômico.

Specializing in technological innovation in the financial industry

Specializing in technological innovation in the financial industry

New investors include two Silicon Valley funds, Ribbit Capital, specializing in technological innovation in the financial industry, and Omidyar Network, created by eBay’s founder and focused on enterprises with social impact. Other investors include QED Investors, co-founder of Capital One; Ed Baker, Director of Growth at Uber; Mark Goines, Mint.com’s first investor, the American version of Good Finance; and Peter Kellner, co-founder of Endeavor.

In addition, Good Finance received new contributions from Brazilian e.Bricks, American Valor Capital, and the leader of the last round Kaszek Ventures, the largest in its segment in Latin America and managed by the founders of MercadoLivre.

New technologies are accelerating the pace of transformation

New technologies are accelerating the pace of transformation

New technologies are accelerating the pace of transformation of the financial industry around the world, with new companies in the financial technology segment, fintechs, moving billions of dollars in recent years in business. “It is a more recent phenomenon in Brazil, but Good Finance already stands out among the thousands of companies we evaluate every year for the level of innovation, brand building and mission to improve the lives of Brazilians,” says Micky Malka, founding partner of Ribbit , which also invested in the American references Credit Karma and WealthFront.

Possible to build a profitable business model

Possible to build a profitable business model

It was Good Finance’ potential transformation in the lives of users that led Omidyar to support the company. “Good Finance clearly demonstrates that it is possible to build a profitable business model while at the same time using technology to generate social impact,” says Arjuna Costa, a partner-investor in the Omidyar Network’s financial inclusion area. “We are very excited about the results achieved by the company to date and with its potential to transform the lives of millions more Brazilians, helping them to better manage their money and invest in the future.”

The goal of the new investment round is to further boost Good Finance’ growth, to reach 5 million users by the end of 2016 and expand its operations in the financial sector.

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Small Business Loans /small-business-loans/ /small-business-loans/#respond Mon, 25 Feb 2019 02:14:10 +0000 http://www.kkesai.net/small-business-loans/ Continue reading Small Business Loans]]>

The right choice for your business’s urgent needs!

Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Loan


The International Commercial Bank (ICB) finances your liquidity business needs. With the flexibility in the credit products we offer, ICB finances you to expand your business, build and finalize your projects, support ideas, improve your technology, harmonize your business cycle, be ready for every need your emergency!


Who can benefit from this product:

Licensed Business (minimum 12 months with license) 

• Funding Amount: 100,000 – 1,000,000 Lek 

• Deadline of up to 36 months 

Use for:  

• Inventory / Working Capital 

• Overdraft 

• Debt / Debt Settlement 

• Fixed Asset Purchase 

• Reconstruction or Renovation of Business Premises 

• Various Renewals at Home 

• Refinancing of a Credit at a Bank or Another Lending Institution


Administration Commission: 2% of the loan amount

Secured Loan

Secured Loan


The International Commercial Bank (ICB) finances your liquidity business needs. With the flexibility in the credit products we offer, ICB finances you to expand your business, build and finalize your projects, support ideas, improve your technology, harmonize your business cycle, be ready for every need your emergency!



• Who benefits: Licensed Business (minimum 12 months with license)

• Funding Amount: 1,000,001. – 5,000,000 Lekë 

•  Collateral Type: Real Estate, Inventory, Machinery and Equipment

• Characteristic of this product is:

       – lower interest rate, from 9% -12%

       – longer repayment term, up to 84 months


• Inventory / Working Capital work 

• Settlement debt / liability (liquidation bill) 

• Overdraft 

• Fixed Assets Purchase 

• Reconstruction or renovation of business premises 

• various home renovation 

• Purchase of equipment / vehicles 

• real estate purchase 

• Refinancing of a loan to a bank or other lending institution


Administration Commission: 1% of the loan amount

Appropriate property insurance is required for the loan amount.


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