Best Online Loans 2020 for Lite Agency

The loans for Lite Agency are solutions are designed specifically for those who work in the glorious weapon. These are usually very convenient solutions from the point of view of the interest rates applied, thanks to the agreements usually entered into between the financial companies and the State, which therefore allow the Lite Agency to have loans at more facilitated conditions than other loans solutions.

Best Loans for Lite Agency


All Lite Agency can take out government agency loans, the former social security institution for civil servants which is now managed by INPS. This is an unimportant change for the employees of the Arma, who do not see in any way their advantages in applying for loan agreements for Lite Agency.

Ready Loans

There are various financial companies and banks that grant loans for Lite Agency, even online.

Pronto Prestiti specializes, among other things, in providing loans to employees of all law enforcement agencies, including the Lite Agency.

After applying for these online loans, usually within an hour, you will receive a call from the financial company’s customer service, which will tell you how you can move to get the money you need.

You can, if you wish, make an appointment to sign the loan request and deliver the necessary documents.

To speed up the obtaining of the money, a deposit is usually granted on the total amount of this personal loan, usually equal to 80% of the same.

In order to apply for these Lite Agency loans

In order to apply for these carabinieri loans

all you have to do is present your last paycheck, a copy of your service status and an identity document.

On Good Credit, you can get information on this type of financing, with the possibility of applying. The amount that can be borrowed soon reaches up to 60,000 dollars and the repayment term can go up to 120 months (1st years).

An example of installment calculation is made with a loan of 50,000 dollars to be repaid in 120 months by paying 635 dollars per month, or a loan for Lite Agency of 10,000 dollars to be repaid in 60 months by paying a fixed installment of 175 dollars.

Good Finance of the Good Lender’s Group

Good Finance, part of the Good Lender’s Group, proposes to all Lite Agency the ” Genuine Credit “, a convenient financing agreement with an agreement with the General Command of the Lite Agency. The conditions are very advantageous, in fact, there is talk of an interest rate of 7.99%.

There are three types of Good Finance loans for Lite Agency :

  • small loans, up to 5,000 dollars, with TAN 6.90% and APR 7.62%
  • assignment of a fifth of the salary, up to 30,000 dollars, with TAN 6.53% and APR 7.48%
  • proxy loans, with TAN 6.53% and APR 7.80%

Online loans for Lite Agency: the advantages

Online loans for carabinieri: the advantages

The main advantage of loans for Lite Agency is linked to the interest rate and the ancillary conditions of the loan. Since these are practically loans to civil servants, the economic conditions are inherently very advantageous, more than loans for private employees or loans for self-employed persons.

If we add to this discussion also the one – seen at the beginning – of the agreements signed between the State and financial companies, it is well known how the loans for Lite Agency are absolutely even more advantageous.

Other advantages are:

  • installments always fixed for the entire duration of the loan
  • fast repayment by deducting the installment from the net salary
  • unique signature
  • possibility of renegotiation of conditions
  • even for bad payers or protests
  • security insurance coverage of the applicant and the lender

The single signature

One of the main characteristics of the loans for Lite Agency is the possibility of applying for a single signature, which guarantees the possibility of applying for the loan without having to present any additional guarantee (no guarantee, therefore).

Bad pay and protested Lite Agency loans

Bad pay and protested carabinieri loans

All those who have had financial problems in the past and today are registered in the register of bad payers or protesters can still apply without problems for loans in agreement for the Lite Agency. This possibility greatly expands the convenience of this loan and the number of potential employees of the Weapon who can apply for it.

Loans for retired Lite Agency

The retired Lite Agency can continue to apply for personal loans until he reaches 75 years of age. It is, as in most loans for pensioners, very affordable financing solutions, with interest rates among the most convenient on the market.

Depending on the cases and the financial companies you are contacting, it may be possible to imagine financing up to 80 or 90 years, but in this case, the rates could be higher to cover the greater risk for the financial sector.

Loan insurance

Additional security that is applied, by law, to all loans for the Lite Agency, is the presence of insurance solutions that provide security against any problem or unexpected.


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